Privacy Policy

Hello! Here you can find the what and why of information collected on this website ( The text here is intended to put things in layman's terms. Should you prefer legal talk about rights and regulations, refer to this text. If you have any questions, contact me.

● As per usual on the web, there are some Cookies here. Cookies are the little files that websites use to keep you signed in or remember your shopping cart when you buy online. On this website, they are used to make usage statistics; mostly to put together annual lists of the most popular articles I wrote here. I don't collect the online cookies myself, I use Google Analytics to do so – so you can refer to Google's policies here (it's also a hell of a text). Basically, I cannot personally identify individual visitors; I just get to know that people like to read about waterfalls and politics and that nobody in Mongolia seems to care about this website. Fair enough.

● Folks who want can enter their email to be informed about new posts I do. It is an option for those who don't want to be on social networks, but still want to receive an update now and then. It is fully voluntary: If you don't put the email, I don't have it. Easy. If you do, I store it in a secured folder and use it only for the purpose you signed for. I hate spam, and the last thing I want to do is to spam you. And should you want your email removed, just let me know, I do that, no questions asked. Job done.


Using this web is voluntary, and is provided as-is. By being here, you consent to this. The posts are not done on a regular basis, and the updates/replies on social media or by email might be delayed, or not come through at all. Sometimes, the web can have an outage. I try to make it all work, but I also have other things to do. Thanks for understanding. And again, if something's not clear, ask.

Have a nice day, J.