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December 10, 2015

Random London III

It's been three months since I started to explore London – which means that it's time for the third collection of unsorted scenes I've captured over the last 30 days. Read more

October 15, 2015

Random London

I like to have a camera with me all the time – just so if some scene grabs my attention, I can capture it. At the end of the day, I might have a picture or two, but not enough for a separate post. But after a month… here’s a compilation of them.
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October 7, 2015

London Walks: The City

In the heart of London are two districts that have status of a city: the City of Westminster and the City of London. The second named covers just a bit over a square mile, but it contains many of London’s highlights so I went to check it out. Read more

September 10, 2015

London Walks: The Business District

Moving to London last week was just one of many changes I went through lately. I had to do something to sort out my thoughts and since going out with a camera is one of the best things to relax, that’s what I did one midnight a few days ago. Read more