JS: Videos

CairnGorm Mt on a Bike (2019)

Up and down.

How to Art (2019)

A fun take on how to spark creativity.

Cool Way to Leave Airport (2019)

Build a bike!

Weightless (2018)

Nails (2018)

A personal struggle. I like to think it is more important what hands create than how do they look like, but still, what an annoyance.

Off To China (2017)

How I departed for my 2017 China adventure.

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Signal (2016)

A music video portraying the concept of similarities of wireless signals and human beings within a metropolis.
Read more about this project here.

2015 Oresnik Highline Meeting

See photos and a story here.

2015 New Year Card Video

How I spent the last day of 2014 

2014 Colorado Road Trip

Trailer for a 1000+ miles journey, covering two national parks, four national forests, and countless of fab memories, for <$400.
See the full story here.