December 27, 2023

Beyond Everyday

Another year is nearly over, giving me an excuse to look through my unsorted photos to see what caught my eye and share a collection of shots I like.

A fun fact: out of the past editions I made, this collection has the lowest average elevation. All but four photos were taken within 50 meters above the sea, and only one was taken (just) above 400m. Can you guess which one is it?

Many of these images are from some in-between stage, which is usually while getting somewhere. Here are a few memorable moments from being on the move.

A variety of paths then took me to captivating places...

..and scenes:

A lot of these scenes are relatively ordinary, that certain people can see every day. But I think that such moments deserve attention too.

If the everyday moments are diverse, they stand out. And changing the place from time to time is a way to remember it. On that note, let's end with a few views from Tallinn, Estonia:

Oh, and finally: the highest elevation is in the fourth photo below the title. Did you get it?

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