November 20, 2021

Adventures in Between

When there are tons to do, memories of small events can fade compared to milestones at work or significant personal events. Looking back, it can feel like one didn't get to do much besides those big episodes. But giving it a second... that is where this post comes.

I see the importance of fitting small adventures into life, and by doing so, the in-between periods are anything but dull. Here's a collection of some of them:

Visiting a fun-dedicated place is fab, but with imagination, playgrounds are everywhere. 

One of my favourite ways to spice up the everydayness is to spend some extra time commuting and taking scenic detours.

Whether on foot, by bike or by car...

...when a path is a goal, reaching the destination feels much easier. 

Speaking of destinations, I got to see some amazing landscapes this year:

Standing stones in Štiavnica Mountains.

Church of St. Michael the Archangel from the 11th century, Dražovce.

Selim Cave in Tatabánya.

The Danube, as it enters Slovakia.

Aliens' landing in Bratislava...

...and the city itself.

Not every day is a heyday when it comes to some exotic scenery. So, appreciating the available lights and shapes can make for a good day regardless of the location. 

Nature can provide a lot..

But so can people. 

This year's festival of lights in Bratislava was cool!

Spectacles aside, experiences shared with good people are guaranteed highlights:

I am thankful for all those good folks; having them around makes all the difference.

And just like that, another year is approaching its end.

Hope you enjoyed it, too.

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