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August 23, 2020

Student Stories

Writing for university doesn't have to be academic-focused. I've been making articles about student life and uni services for some time; here are five of my favorites: Read more

October 20, 2016

In The Meantime

"What are you doing when not taking pictures?" I was asked a few days ago. Well, here is an insight into my other project that I've been working on recently..  Read more

March 11, 2016

World is Good

In photography, it's common to seek beauty and look for interesting perspectives on your subject. I took this approach and applied it to my life in general, and it works great.
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June 25, 2015

The Haunted Bridge

Southeast of the Kansas town of Emporia, a one-lane metal bridge connects the shores of Cottonwood River. Its official name is Rocky Ford Bridge; however, locals refer to it more like Bird Bridge, after a preacher named Bird allegedly killed his wife and his lover's husband underneath the structure in the early '80s. Since then, myths about ghosts of the dead appearing around the bridge at night wreathed the place. So I went to investigate...
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