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Learning Era

A collection of unsorted pics I took over last few months with some words to go along.

That few months have been a roller coaster of experiences and a season of learning new stuff. Speaking of seasons...

Spring reached Scotland.

Now, I liked Scotland since my first visit, but it grows on me every day. The picture atop the article needs no further description, it is beautiful here.

That said, I am trying to make the most of it and travel as much as I can. The beginning of this year wasn't different, so I got to see some neat spots. (yey!)

Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven

I got around by a train... a car...

Scotland offers a marvelous driving experience, no kidding.

..and by a plane.  As a person on a budget, I'd rather repack my carry-on three times than to pay extras for a checked baggage. To fill every possible space within my backpack I stacked a harddrive case with chocolate, vitamins pills and some chewing gum. 

Well, and I learned that, apparently, this combination looks on those airport scanners as a lethal explosive. Aged a million years before they released that freaking backpack. Right.

But at the end, it's all good when you reach scenes like..

Yep, I like it here. This brings me to a thing that I worked on over last months: an interactive installation "Journey to Scotland."

To pull it all together, I spend a lot of time learning about creating and modulating sound waves. Fun stuff!

I spend several nights fiddling with technology. Which is is fine until it turns its back on you...

Long story short, it happened that I learned how to fix diplay contacts on a tablet.


Then I've organized a few trips for friends, and got to shoot a few events. That was nice too.

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