April 29, 2023

Balance In Order

Finding stability, making art, and revisiting wonderful Dresden.

There are three scenes to unfold this story. First, before I came to Dresden almost five years ago, I heard mixed narratives about the region; some even warned me about going. But I went anyway, and encountered open-minded folks who provided an inclusive atmosphere and a sense of belonging instead. I also enjoyed their outgoing attitude to public spaces.

I especially noted how the local cycling culture makes a vital part of the city.

Observing all that inspired me to create artwork Bikes Make Dresden (BMD) and sparked my appreciation of people-oriented infrastructure. I can't unsee the far-reaching impact of urban planning on mobility and recreation no matter where I go ever since. If you read any of my recent city impressions, I am sure you noticed it.

Add a fantastic work environment, exposure to influential music, and it is safe to say that the 2018 Dresden stay left a remarkable imprint on me. So, when I got an invitation to return there to join an exciting exhibition, I was thrilled!

Second scene: The recent years were relatively turbulent for me. Going from one short-term opportunity to another and changing places like T-shirts was exhilarating, but the lack of stability was somehow exhausting. That said, moving to Belgium last winter to start a more extensive project was much-welcomed progress to get things more in order.

Balancing everything after the move was still quite a task; nonetheless, it's been all right.

Work stuff during the week, art on the weekends.

Finally, scene three: I am arriving in Dresden.

The weather is excellent, and the city welcomes me with the familiar positive vibes.

I am on a mission to join the exhibition but also use the chance to see a bit of the city again.

One of the places I go to is this cool bike shop:

It is GS Velo; they acquired the BMD artwork. I didn't see it installed there in person, so I go to change that. I get a picture of me and a friendly chat about (not just) bikes as a bonus.

Contemporary art in a bike store. The dream!

While on the topic of art, let's go to the gallery. Along the way, posters decorate streets; some advertise a show IN_ORDUNG. That's our goal, that's the exhibition.

In Ordnung translates to English as in order, also as okay, all right. Given the mentioned turmoil of previous years, participating here feels pretty symbolic to me. Even more so, because the artwork that I am showing is called Balance. Just like BMD, Balance takes the concept into a literal form. Here, the act of finding balance is possible to experience by navigating on narrow profiles above sculptures representing elements in life.

The vernissage is terrific, so is an associated workshop and meeting everyone involved. It follows the foundations from the past and builds new memories to cherish.

Should you want to try Balance yourself and see a diverse selection of interesting works from other good people, the IN_ORDNUNG exhibition runs until the 2nd of July 2023 in Dresden's Motorenhalle. You can find more details about it on riesa efau.

"World is good!" I am thinking, as I head back to Belgium.

Thanks to all who allow me to be a part of it by believing in me; thank you for reading!

Tap here to view a few additional scenes that caught my eye in Dresden.

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