Bikes Make Dresden

Dresden, the capital of German state Saxony, is a bike-friendly place: flat, with efficient infrastructure. Locals are making good use of it, and so the bikes form an integral part of the city's vital culture.

"Bikes Make Dresden" is an installation artwork that portrays the cycling contribution to the city in a literal sense: It represents the downtown map of Dresden entirely out of locally sourced used bicycle tires.

100x130 cm (c .40x51 in)

Roughly 1:2000 map scale

Rubber, 2018

The "Bikes Make Dresden" was created during the 21st International Dresden Summer Academy for Visual Arts
It was exhibited in the Motorenhalle Gallery, Dresden, 4-
18. August 2018.

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The piece is based on a tourist map of the city centre, which is then scaled up. The streets are made out of different tires with according width to match the streets' hierarchy; the river that flows through Dresden, Elbe, is marked by an exposed blue puncture-protecting belt. You can read about my experience of the city, that crystalized in this artwork, here

impact >

The artwork was acquired by a local bicycle store, and has been used to promote the 22nd installment of the Dresden Summer Academy.