Installation Artworks

Balance (2023)

Taking the act of "balancing through life" into a literal sense, "Balance" offers visitors to navigate on narrow elevated profiles above sculptures representing elements such as productivity, leisure, time, sleep, health, relationships, finances, spirituality, communication, and more.

poplar wood, expanded polystyrene
~800x400x45 cm

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My Place (2022)

An interactive digital installation that allows for blending political and topographic maps, adding layers of generative shapes, and distorting the image. It lets the users experiment with forms and color schemes, such as inverting the landmass and waters, to form an abstract art that could be a new world.

The work was created and exhibited during the EGU22 General Assembly (Austria Center Vienna, AT, 23–27 May 2022) and featured during AGU22 Fall Meeting ArtScience Exhibit (McCormick Place, Chicago, US + online, 12-16 Dec 2022).

Phase Transitions (2020)

Reflecting the stability of a constant change (in us).

The term describes the shift between states of matter, a change commonly seen in nature and technology. "Phase Transitions" artwork is executed as four wall-mounted frames — three display arrows made of light, each in a different element. Stable led light shines through a solid acrylic sheet, pulsing laser beams are visible thanks to evaporating liquid, and an evolving projection transmits through the air.
Both light and arrows are a common navigational aid, universally used regardless of languages. The arrows point the visitors (literally) the right way, towards the fourth frame located at the end of the room: it is a mirror, which returns the visitors' attention to themselves. In the end, it is us who need to make the changes.

Balance (2020)

Steel, Polyurethane Foam, Paint.
~400x300x45 cm

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Duality (2019)

Polar issues, pros and cons, and the grey area in between. A two-channel digital projection screened on a semitransparent canvas in a room, where visitors can walk and literally "decide their side," as each side of the canvas portrays a different attitude.

Bikes Make Dresden (2018)

A downtown map of Dresden, Germany, made entirely out of locally sourced discarded bicycle tires. It represents how the bikes make an integral part of the city's vital culture.

100x130 cm

Time (2018)

An interactive AV installation that plays with humans’ perception of the world that surrounds them through concepts of optimism and pessimism. The viewers have full control to decide whether the vision will be calm and harmonic or chaotic and unclear, as they can adjust the character of the scenes and sound in real-time.

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Journey to Scotland (2017)

An interactive performance tool portraying my move to Scotland by a set of animated scenes and audio tracks that can be adjusted in real-time to create a narrative or audiovisual abstract art.

Burnout (2016)

A set of wooden sculptures portraying figures with their heads literally burned out.

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