Every issue in our world has several pros and cons, and the conclusion on what is good or evil profoundly varies among individuals and groups. Political views, weather, religion, immigration, to name a few; the same coin always has two sides. "Duality" explores this phenomenon through a two-channel projection on a semi-transparent screen, around which visitors can walk and literally “take a stand,” as each side of the screen portrays a different attitude. 

The visuals are in black and white, to represent the contrast of light and darkness. The projections partially merge on the screen and complement each other - making a collage out of light patterns. While the visitors can choose a side, it is impossible to entirely escape the other one - similarly as the voices of opposition are being heard whether we like them or not.

The two digital projections mix loops of animated symbols and drawings representing the issues above, as well as the mathematical duality by the De Morgan's laws, idealism and pragmatism by the two main subjects of Raphael's School of Athens: Plato and Aristotle, and also contemporary topics such as the Brexit, climate change, and consumerism. In between of the issues are real-time generated abstract graphics, and every once in a while, the work switches to a live video feed from a camera capturing the visitors.


The installation is accompanied by 4.0 surround sound, consisting a subtle drone recorded on an analog synthesizer and granular synthesis of multiple short poems I wrote reflecting on the topics portrayed in the installation. The tracks aren't synced, so each loop produces a unique combination, and each channel is affected by separate delay and reverb, so it circles around the visitors.


SCREEN: The centerpiece of the installation is a projection screen suspended from the ceiling. It is made out of semi-transparent canvas and stretched between pieces of solid iron, which resonates with the "Duality" concept, as it bolts strong and rigid with soft and flexible materials.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION:  To achieve clear live video even in what appears to be a dark environment, the installation utilizes infra-red technology and brightens both sides of the screen by light invisible for human eyes, but possible to capture by a special camera. 

SPEAKERS: Two of the speakers are at the ground level, two are mounted 2.5m high. All cables and wires are hidden behind walls.

PROJECTORS: The projectors are placed just above the visitors, so they can cast a shadow to influence the visuals, like people can cast their opinion on an issue.


The wordplay presented in the Duality's concept reflects the approach in my previous works, such as "Burnout" (2016), and "Bikes Make Dresden" (2018). Technically, the “Duality” builds on my digital artworks “Time” (2018), and “Journey to Scotland" (2017).

PATTERNS: A colorized version of the Duality's abstract portion was used as live visuals during musical performances.

see video here.

Photos from building/testing the work:

The "Duality" was displayed as a part of the 2019 DJCAD Degree Show, 17 - 26th May 2019.

"The thrilling ultimate in contrapuntal experiences."

William Hume, Dundee Review of the Arts