Translation (2023)

Understanding a waveform's meaning can be just as turbulent as the wave itself.
Inspired by a research of stylolites. See details about the work here. 

larch wood, stainless steel
23x10x11 cm

REMINDER (2022) 

"That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above."

polystyrene, led lights
77x7x30 cm

IDEAL (2021)

Many valuable things come for free when we are there, ready to see them. Nice weather in mountains, for example. Or materials for this piece; discarded wood and a bike chainring. A win-win.

found wood, steel
18x1x7 cm

BALANCE (2020)

A set of sculptures forming an installation which tackles the phenomenon of “balancing through life.” 
See details about the project.

steel, PU foam
~400x300x45 cm

Pictured on display in the Royal Scottish Academy, 15 Feb 2020.

MORPH (2020)

Gradual change, from one thing to another.

35x40x75 cm



Old tyres and other bike parts arranged in organic shapes that resemble plants.

rubber, metal, wood, 55x55x150 cm

The artwork was exhibited in Rösslstube, Dresden, DE, during "Stip(p)visite" show, August 2018.

BURNOUT (2016)

No expressions, no enthusiasm, no eye contact.

See more about this project.

wood, various sizes

Burnout" was exhibited in GENERATORprojects, Dundee, Scotland, 27 Jan. - 19 Feb. 2017, and shortlisted for the Global Undergraduate Award. 

FAITH (2012)

Pillars of different shapes and strengths hold a core together. Robust, but fragile at places.

gypsum, 25x25x40 cm


Network of strong, weak and broken channels. Choices of straight lines or detours.


V1: (left) 30x30x20 cm, 2010
V2: (right) 18x25x25 cm, 2011

FLAME (2010)

steel, 28x25x40 cm

The sculpture won the 2010 Symposium of the Liberec Region Art Schools in blacksmithing category, and is currently in the collection of the North Bohemian Museum.


1: ROOTS; 28x30x38 cm, 2010
2: ICEBERG TIPS 18x15x12 cm, 2011
3: CAN, 13x8x8 cm, 2012


Kominar Roku A set of medals themed for the Czech Chimney Climbers, an association dedicated to scale industrial smokestacks as a sport.

steel, copper and aluminum, 5x6 cm, 2012 




copper, 1x1 cm, 2012




steel, 2009-2011