January 21, 2023

Year In Motion

A collection of short travel stories from 2022.

When I started doing this blog, I sometimes made a post with unsorted pictures I took over a month (like Random London). A few years later, time went by faster, and I did collections about seasons (such as Road Towards Winter). Well, the acceleration seems to have no limit, so here's a collection from an entire year.

One thing that links 2022 together is mobility, as I ended up being on the road for most of it. So, here's a little blog within the blog showcasing some of the (almost) forgotten pictures.

Means of Moving

Before proceeding to the remarkable places that I was fortunate to see, here's some of the tech without which I wouldn't be able to reach them.

The advantages of cars and planes come with offsets. I like driving, but traffic sucks, and one can't read a book while doing so. In planes, I can read or nap while getting somewhere, but I have to go through airport hassles.

Luckily, I could access other options, which added diversity and more fun to the travels.

But as usual, the most fun I had on one of these:

Cold or hot, asphalt or not!

So yes, I enjoyed the journey too. But now, let's get to where it took me:

Slowly But Surely

That's how the year started. I had a few grumpy moments when things weren't moving anywhere, but there was a simple solution to that. A short walk, or better, a bike ride later, all improved in my world. Not too hard to smile, when nature delivers scenes like this:

And before I knew it, things moved, too.


If someone would tell me a year ago that I'd be swimming in the Atlantic in February, I would laugh it off as a joke. Yet, it happened, and it was only one of many unplanned, yet terrific moments that followed. Brittany was splendid.

So were Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and the Grand Est regions. Each in a distinct way, each with wonderful people who showed me around.

A fun stop in Zagreb later, I arrived in...


I went there to be a part of Europe's biggest geoscience conference, and it was out-of-this-world good. The event, the folks, and the city in general... there's something special about that place. Every time I go there, it ends up being joyful and influential.

While on the topic of Austria, I revisited the spectacular Semmering.

And the ruins of the Scharfeneck Castle.

Nice to See You, Germany

In the past, I was lucky to run into amazing people from there, but I visited only a few cities in person. That changed in 2022, as the German government introduced a ticket allowing to use of any means of ground public transportation except for the high-speed rail for just €9 per month. Wunderbar!


To me, the thing with seeing is that it brings a touch of learning. It is not that I know the country now, but it was just so cool to see it a bit more. In Magdeburg, for example, I saw the oldest Gothic cathedral in Germany, and I learned that the country has the most over-100m-tall churches in the world.

Magdeburg cathedral soars up to ~100 meters tall, yet it is only the 27th (!) tallest church building in Germany.

The Netherlands Re-Experienced

I came to the Netherlands in 2015, intending to live there. However, things turned out differently than I expected, so I moved elsewhere. Years passed, and I learned that when things don't go as imagined, maybe it's not the thing's fault but having the expectations set wrongly. Years passed, and I thought it could be interesting to give the country another go.

The time has come this summer, and I relished it profoundly.

Summer went by in no time, but the excitement didn't slow down. I got a..

Finland Taster

Ever since hearing the Tales from the Thousand Lakes during high school, I fantasized about the atmospheric land up in the Nordic. Yet, seeing it in person exceeded my imagination: Besides the plentiful water areas, swamps, and forests, there are also lovely hills, and their cities are very pleasant to be in. What a fab unit! Once I find more time, I'd like to write some posts about it. Stay tuned!

In the Meanwhile

I visited Brussels and made a short stop in Scotland:

— It was as superb as I remembered the country.


The Jizera Mountains were beautiful as ever...

..and Bratislava got bigger again...

Well, and it is winter again...

Most of the year was unexpected. And while that encompassed some hiccups here and there, I have more reasons to smile than I had a year ago.

Thanks for reading!

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