September 1, 2023

Window of Dreams and Fears

I sit in my living room and watch scenes from a world full of stories, atmospherically wrapped in vibrant tones. It isn't on a TV, though; I am looking through my window.

I used to watch loads of movies; so much visual goodness in them! But then I traveled with a camera on my shoulder and learned that aesthetic qualities can be found everywhere. Dramatic nature, charismatic cities, great light... You name it; Earth has it.

I still watched loads of movies; so much creativity in them! But then I met talented folks in galleries, museums, at school, in concert venues... And I could create with them!

I still watched loads of movies. So many heroic and emotional stories! But then, working for newspapers taught me that one doesn't have to go far for mind-blowing tales of all shapes.

When one lives on a set, made-up stories of total strangers in distant production studios, regardless of how much audiovisual excellence they pack, slowly become less appealing. A real set can not only be seen and heard, but also touched, smelled, tasted... Lived.

There are enough dreams and fears around me. Sometimes, in me.

And my goodness, that window is amazing!

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