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Through The Windshield

Collection of pics for the love of driving...

Ever since I got the license, I have enjoyed exploring new places while being in charge of the directions and time.. if there’s a chance, I prefer to have the road itself as one of the goals.
This is a collection of a few of those memorable roads that I had the pleasure to drive and capture:

Rocky Mountains, paved..

...and unpaved. Both fun, this one better.

Some of the best driving roads I've experienced in Colorado.

"You and your car.. It is up to you if you will drive or stop, it is up to you whether to take left or right at the fork. There's nobody to tell you where to go, what should you do. But there's also nobody to pull you out of trouble if you get stuck or lost. Your choices. Your responsibility. Distant views with no other human in sight. In fact, no human scale either. Just you, fresh air and natural beauty. Strong sense of freedom, that's what I felt here.."

(From my post about one of road trips I took there)

But other states are fun too..


It is strangely satisfying. You push your leg, the car moves. You move your arm, the car follows. If you take care of it, it's not going to contradict to you. It is like your best friend. Concentration required to orchestrate this symphony of motion through some winding mountain pass puts mind into some kind of trans, similar as when I do tight-rope walking.  Long straights are fine too, they offer the room to think of the world. Driving is connection of the practical aspect of getting somewhere with the pleasure of meditation. Until that idiot cut into your line without using mirrors, and signals. Then I can't believe what sort of dictionary my brain can cook from scratch. That; however, expires with the same lightspeed as it appeared. Meditation continues. The road cuts through beautiful environment, yes! Give me more!

Desert in Oklahoma

Europe has it too:

Highlands' backroads...

...and a-roads.

a pass across the Jizera Mt

Sumava forests

Besides all the natural wonders, I also enjoy driving through some marvels of civilization. Bridges, for instance, are cool.


..but sometimes, when a bridge is nowhere in sight, an adventure is certain.

Back to the infrastructure, in larger cities, where the roads are like rivers and you are a drop in it, that can be neat too.


Amarillo, TX

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