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Excitement Everywhere

Another winter is officially over, here are unsorted images I took during it.

There was a lot going on. At times, a bit too much - In fact, the working title of this article was “Overwhelmed as #*@&”. But in between of fighting the struggles, I was able to I take a few breaks, some of them are pictured below. They helped me to stay on track and to remind me that in the end, oh, it is good. One can get over some difficulties when experiencing excitement of:


old castles,

..ruined churches

see my previously published articles with derelict structures here.

..dreamy landscapes

..pretty hills

..and proper mountains.

meeting with good friends

I had a blast at the 2017 Oresnik highline meeting

I didn't take many pics this year, but you can see a story about the 2015 meeting.


I changed my home once again, as I moved from Poland back to Scotland.

learning to make patch cables, to synchronize my synths and to create more complex noises.


Blasting loops of detuned triangle waves, intercepted with melodic solos of what sound like a bucket wheel excavator, that is something which energize me a lot these days.

Speaking of music, I went to some cool venues to listen some good sounds:

Yey, bring that beat!

er, I mean..


I've also learned a few new cool tricks how to put together interactive installations, some of which…

I exhibited

That TV in the back. It was running my new work, which combines footage of old and new, populated and remote worlds, which you can manipulate in real time:

A bit bizarre thing, an analog TV operated by a cell phone. But it works and it is one heck of a fun.

More of this is coming soon.

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Keep it exciting, whatever you are up to. Thanks for reading.

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