November 15, 2017

Where did the Time Go

After a busy summer in China, I planned to relax and take things slowly. But then, a set of crazy events took me across six countries, and suddenly it's the half of November.. Here's a collection of short stories from that time.

Amsterdam Dinner

Transferring there, it was around 6pm, and I had a few hours to spare between the flights. So I went for a walk and food.

Every time I am in the Netherlands, I am pleased with the architecture, the evening light, and the general visual vibe. Too bad that it's not any good when you want to live there.

Paris Layover

I headed to Scotland and going through Paris was cheap and convenient. So, I used the opportunity to erase two things I had on my travelling bucket list for ages:

First, visit the Montparnasse Tower

To be accurate, get on the top of it...

204m/670ft above the ground, going up. see a sweet view of Paris..

The second thing was to check out the Sainte-Chapelle, a 13th-century Gothic marvel.

And the stuff I saw in between weren't dull either.

Then; as mentioned, went up to Scotland, stopping by the city of Dundee. I made a separate post with pics from there.

Slovakia Reunion

Wandering through Slovakia, meeting with good people and places I haven't seen in ages.


Tatry Mountains <3

earning the views

halo. a thing you don't see every day

my happy place, one of..

Jizera Mountains, CZ

Not as prominent as Tatry, but very pretty nonetheless. Always nice to return here.

Black Creek waterfalls.

Forest covered, wild-ish, and pretty.


Technology is falling apart on me, but looking at a price point of new hardware, I deployed some gaff tape and stuff instead; replaced a few bits; and hopefully, it will keep working a few more..

but rather than being bog down with tech, I was outside. better.

and as usual. time on the road.

And then..

I moved to Poland.

But that's another story.. you can read it here.

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    Miroslav Vallo
    November 19, 2017 at 10:50

    Kubko veľmi ma to potešilo. Snímky (aspoň pre mňa, ktorý som niektoré z tých miest mal možnosť navštíviť) dobre vystihujú atmosféru ktoré fotografované objekty vytvárajú.
    Ďakujem – starký-

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