September 18, 2016

Farewell Summer

The season of long, sunny days is gone for this year. Here is a mix of unsorted pics I took over that time..

Most of the time, I spent browsing nature around..


Above is a volcanic landscape of north-western Bohemia. Further east are the Jizera Mountains — pictured below.

In the middle of these inhospitable hills is located an old settlement called Jizerka. It’s a glassmaking village where the time has stopped. For the last 100 or-so years, there weren’t made any significant changes.

Jizerka (6)

It is an exciting experience to stroll around in any weather, but when it’s all veiled within dense dark clouds, that’s when the mysterious atmosphere is endless.

Speaking of fog.. this summer had plenty to share.

Sometimes, it's just good to disappear from civilization..


..well and sometimes, it's better to embrace it..


So I got to see some interesting buildings too..


However, it wasn't only about neat cities or landscapes..


I had a chance to enjoy some industrial adventures as well..



And as it’s been my habit for some time, I’ve been on the road a lot.

Train approaches the station in Roundnice n. Labem



All in all, it's been good.

For more unsorted pics from this summer, see the Healing on the Road article published at the end of July, which is basically a prequel of this one. Thanks for reading.

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