July 30, 2016

Healing on the Road

For many years now, I've been saying that travelling is like a therapy for me. This time, it got a literal meaning: four months ago, I injured my knee, but rather than recovering it in front of a television, I've been experiencing adventures across Europe instead.

In between my journeys through the United Kingdom, Italy and Hungary, I made a few smaller side-trips. Here's a collection of unsorted images I took during that period.

At first, I had difficulties with any uneven terrain; therefore, I began somewhere with step-free access.


That said, my main target was cities, as one can easily roam through and see some lovely scenery. I went mostly around some smaller ones around the Czech Republic where I haven't been before..



A good thing in Europe is, you can see some cool old structures in pretty much any small town, so the list of interesting places to discover is almost endless.


Mikulov, pop. 7 400

..But I didn't avoid visiting some larger ones either. Pictured below is the Millennium Tower in Vienna. You can read the story about that trip here.

Millennium Tower

While in Austria, I had a chance to see some neat nature, too.


Banks of Danube, somewhere between Vienna and Bratislava.

Appealing nature is also abundant over here... (where isn't?)

panska skala

Panska Skala (mister's rock), a columnar basalt in north part of CZ.


Viate piesky (blowing sands) or "discount Sahara" in Zahorie military district, western Slovakia.


vineyards at Palava, south-east CZ

Moving between all the places meant to spend considerable time on a road. But since I do enjoy travelling, I was happy here as well. Moreover, planning and taking the roads can be a helpful practice for everyday life: wiling to discover a different new path or an approach is beneficial either way.

Storm above a road

Generally, an interstate is less scenic than a train, for example. Unless you run into a storm as heck...

Summer storms created more amazing skies later...

...but it wasn't all cloudy.


On this sunny day, I went on a first hike involving some proper hills.


It took some effort, but trips like these contributed towards the good healing process, and eventually, I was able to scale some fun terrain too.

AHM (26)

ladders in Adrspach

It's better to move each direction possible..


somewhere down the underground

Because the life's not two-dimensional only.



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    Susan Copas
    July 31, 2016 at 16:41

    Thanks for sharing your travels. I always enjoy seeing where you have been. I like your underground photo because the “stripes” on your shirt and the tops of the columns have an interesting similarity. You could be a high fashion model!

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      Jakub Stepanovic
      August 2, 2016 at 08:04

      Thank you, Susan.

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