July 18, 2016

Towards a Better World

Away with the rubbish!
I am trying to approach life with an attitude of "if something bothers me, I should do something with it." One of the things that makes me upset is seeing otherwise beautiful landscapes covered by plastic bottles, cans, cigarettes, and such. I hate littering! And so, when I'm on a walk, and I see some empty cup or-so, I'll usually take it into a bin nearby. Sure, I won't change stupid people tossing crap all over, but doing my part to reduce their impact takes little effort and makes a big difference. Or, at least, I feel better about it.

Like a few weeks ago: I visited my dad, and we went into a forest near Zelezny Brod. Wandering through, I noticed some trash in a stream that flows through the area. Among all the mess was a plastic bag, so I decided to fill it with the remaining junk and take it away. The one bag was enough to collect the pieces around, so I was happy and was about to take it towards the car. But the happiness quickly disappeared as I found that a bit upstream was more, much more...

Cleaning a forest (1)


..But then my dad joined me, and after some time, the progress was remarkable:

Instead of one bag, we ended packing a good dozen.

Cleaning a forest (5)
…and just like that, the place was pristine clean and pretty again.

Cleaning a forest (3)

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