May 9, 2016

Cambridge Spring

It's no secret that I enjoy exploring new places, so I opted to see the university city on the river Cam a few weeks ago.

Although the history of the place goes as far as the Bronze Age, the town earned a significant role in 1209 after the university was established. But it wasn't until the 20th century that it gained a city charter. During that period also occurred the biggest population growth and nowadays it has around 125,000 residents, 1/5 of which are students. The city has a small but vibrant downtown; that's where I started my journey.

Cambridge Spring (7)

Cambridge Spring (13)

Interestingly, Cambridge is the city with the highest level of cycle use in the UK.

The main streets were packed with neat structures, but a bit overcrowded for my taste. So, I left to explore some of the city's side alleys...

Cambridge Spring (5)

..and soon I started enjoying individual colleges.

Gonville and Caius College

Gonville and Caius College

corpus christi college

Corpus Christi College

Cambridge Spring

St John's College

At St John's College, I spent more time - it offers a large variety of cool scenes to look at..

Bridge of Sighs

Besides the exteriors, interiors as well

Cambridge Spring (18)

A pleasant surprise to me was that the campus also has an interesting complex of buildings from the early 1960s...

Cambridge Spring (31)

...full of bold details and remarkable corners to discover.

The Cripps Building

Later I found out that this architectural trend can be seen across the city. Accommodation in Christ's College, for example.

or Radcliffe Court in the downtown.

Radcliffe Court

I kept going around and enjoyed early spring.

Cambridge Spring (24)

Cambridge Spring (35)

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