October 16, 2016

Dundee, vol. 2

Almost the whole last month was marked with nice weather. Finally, this weekend lives up to the Scottish stereotype of a cold, rainy place. So instead of doing some outdoorsy stuff, I put together another batch of pictures I took across my current hometown.

--- colours ---


Sunset over the Tay River.

The evening clouds aren't the only thing that's turning into warm tones lately..


Yep, another fall is here.

--- industrial ---

At first look, some people would describe Dundee as an industrial town. A few features contribute to this impression, such as the fact that one of the city's most prominent landmarks is the group of massive steel towers of oil rigs…




..At the same time, one can notice a few smokestacks. Nowadays, most of them are only ghosts from the past, beautiful brick structures decorating the cityscape.

dd (7)

The most notable would be this, a monumental reminder of what was once the world's largest jute works. (Originally published in "Return to the North")

..but it's possible to locate some recent ones, such as this concrete needle sticking from the incinerator at the Ninewells hospital.


The city is conveniently placed, it would be odd if factories wouldn't make use out of it..


However, the city offers a ton of other qualities...

--- culture ---


Within the first ten days after I moved here, I went to five exhibition openings or artist's talks. I've lost track of the number of events that I attended after that, but the ratio is very high as there are many art institutions that put out some good program. It is great.

Leaving alone the artsy-get-together-happenings, there is a selection of others to pick from.


Outside of the events, there are some interesting pieces of old architecture to look at..


Modern, too..


Then, there's the university that claimed for the last two years the award "Scottish University of the Year," which I am happy to be a part of. But back to the pictures. According to locals, it is possible to spot some wildlife here, such as dolphins jumping in the firth, seals, eagles... but to be honest, the wildlife I saw so far was a tad less exotic.


note the bats


Right. And that's about it for this time.

See all my posts about Dundee here, and thanks for reading.

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