May 22, 2018

Kansas Fragments

Collection of pictures from the sunflower state and Kansas City, Missouri.

Flyover land, they say. I say: find something cool in everything, and you will be a happy person. So I tried, and this collection happened. You can skip to: architecture, cities, industrial, nature, and unsorted.

--- architecture ---

Wichita's Exploration Place

KSC's Crown Center

Moore's Emporia

Power and Light Building, KSC

Detail of the Union Station in Wichita

--- cities ---


KS City

The pic above is the most photographed skyline of the city, taken from the National WWII memorial. But as usual, I also went on a quest of finding my own views, that you can't spot in a tourist guide. here are some:

KSC and Wichita are the only big cities around, but the towns can be interesting too:



--- industrial ---

KS is not known for having massive factories and smokestacks. But seek, and you shall find.

Garden City


If you like these rusted temples of work, check out my road trip to St Louis, which was mostly about exploring such structures.

KS domain is its agriculture; and so there are some impressive grain elevators to store the crop from its vast fields.




The shot above provides a smooth transition to the next category; of course, it wouldn't be a post about KS without some colorful skies..

--- nature ---

Lyon County

Seward County

The colors above the horizon are hard to beat. However, the ground has prettiness too..

Clements Bridge from 1886

Cedar Point Mill


--- unsorted ---

Liberal's airport

July the 4th

The charm of exploring countryside..

The charm of exploring urban areas..

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