June 24, 2017

My Fairy Place

I went to a place that had great audiovisual artworks set in a raw industrial environment. Brilliant!

The location in question is a former Nanshi Power Plant from 1985. After its decommission in 2007, it was rebuilt into a sustainable pavilion for the 2010 Expo, and finally, in 2012, the place opened as the "Power Station of Art."

Such conversions are cool itself, so it was an easy mark on my map of Shanghai's points of interest. And sure enough, the structure met my expectations inside-out.

But it happened that their current exhibition, "Body Media II," couldn't be more relevant to my attention, offering plenty of goodness.

Various artworks in the former boiler room. yes, please.

Seriously, the exhibition is so good that I went there twice already. Anyway, after the first visit, I went to grab a nearby ferry to get me to the other side of the Huangpu River. This offered yet another nice view of the city..

..moreover, it also led into a park, where I found something that put the icing on the cake:

a sculpture with a balancing couple, resonating with my hobby of tightrope walking.

This, the power plant across the river and skyscrapers on horizon, oh, happiness!

By the way - The name of this article is inspired by a song by November Növelet, a band that combines industrial-like noises and detuned synths with melodic rhythms, creating great music. In a way, a similar symbiosis as the Power Station of Art above.

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