May 19, 2016

Random London IV

Another collection of pictures taken while living in the UK’s capital.

London (2)

London is ...

City of London

... a city of light ...

Aren’t a light pollution fan? Well, too bad.

... always in motion ...

Busy Living

... with many interesting buildings ...

Alban Gate

London 3

... some of which are taller than others ...

Canary Wharf


... generally, a good place to get purposely lost in.

London Met

London walks

... And when you do, you can discover some great spots. For example, public parks on the rooftops of some buildings. Probably two most interesting ones are the Crossrail Place ...

Crossrail Place

... and the Sky Garden. The second isn't as spacious as the previous mentioned, but offers rather different feature. It is located 150 meters (490ft) above the street level.


It sits on the top of a recently build top-heavy skyscraper at 20 Fenchurch. That's this one:

And as you could guess, there’s a great view from it.


Canary Wharf
It is a city of power, represented by anything from medieval strongholds to this light armored cruiser from the WW2 era. It serves as an Imperial War museum now.

HMS Belfast

... It is a city of art ...

...also, a city of shopping. but I am not really the person who'd have a big appreciation of this aspect, so let's move on.

Hay's Galleria

... a city with some cool (and very expensive) housing options ...

... It's the city without sunshine. Oh, just kidding.

East India

... But most of all, it is a city of so many sights that it's hard to get bored here..



And that's why I like it. If you do too, check out previous posts from London. Thanks for reading.

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