December 19, 2019

Best Skye’s Waterfalls

An overview of the falls on the Isle of Skye, as I discovered them.

Perhaps the most visited waterfalls are located on the east coast of the Trotternish peninsula: Mealt Falls, pictured above, and Lealt Falls, below.

Both are indeed neat, but their popularity is also due to their accessibility (right next to a road), and location (in between of Skye's famous landmarks, the Storr and the Quiraing).

The west side of the peninsula contrasts this, as the falls there are pretty remote - such as the one on Lon Shobhar-airigh, pictured:

The second most popular falls on Skye must be the Fairy Pools, located in Glen Brittle:

There are multiple cascades and smaller falls, many of which can be used for swimming. It is a cool place, for sure.

However, as they are also easily accessible, they are often very crowded. Thankfully, Glen Brittle offers plenty of alternatives:

The east side of the glen is formed by the steep west walls of the magnificent Cuillins, so, pretty much every river there has some neat falls along.

One of which is my favorite waterfall on Skye, and in my eyes, one of the best in all of Scotland: Eas Mòr (also the one pictured atop of this collection).

One has to do a short hike to reach them, but because of that, not many people bother. A nice ledge just across makes them a fantastic picnic spot, too.

The end of the glen leads to Loch Brittle, where the waterfalls continue.

While no other side of Cuillins is as rich in waterfalls as the west one, you can find some in each direction. Like in the northeast on Allt Coire nam Bruadaram:

..or on the east, on Allt na Dunaiche:

Lastly, it's worth to mention Skye east coast, where are a few good sized waterfalls coming from a cliff, such as Allt Mheididh in Talisker Bay:

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