December 12, 2016

Dundee Christmas

A collection of pics taken across Dundee during this year's festive season.


Every year, Dundee hosts a celebration of switching on the Christmas lights. It consists of parades, amusement attractions and a market...


...warped in the decorated streets.



A video mapped projection lighted the Steeple Church.


Illuminated origami birds were installed in the Howff, a 16th-century graveyard.

A part of the celebration was also a firework. It was supposed to start at 8 p.m., but it got triggered early or was rather short. I got to this spot at 8:02, and all I saw was a cloud of smoke.


So here's pic of another firework from the Bonfire night:


While the celebration lasted a weekend, all the Christmas trees persist. Besides the one on the main square, pictured atop of the article, there's another at the northwest entrance to the downtown..


..and a one decorates the Perth Rd near the university.



.. A day after I took the previous pic, the sunset brought a different kind of decoration..

Happy Christmas!

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