February 27, 2018

Exploring New Mexico

I had a moment of nostalgia, remembering my time in the US. Particularly the year 2013 – such a brilliant time: great people, fun jobs, and I got to travel from California to Louisiana. Thinking of that, I plugged an old hard drive and pulled out some pics – some of which I decided to share. Here's the first part, about NM.

Getting there from Oklahoma's Panhandle, the flat horizon slowly changed towards neat curves of the volcanic landscapes around.

A magnificent view of it is from the Capulin Volcano National Monument.

Keeping westbound, our route passed endless pastures with nobody around. Only some deer run across the road now and then.

Our destination was the Rio Santa Barbara ravine in the northern Pecos Wilderness, a protected area at the Carson National Forest's southern tip. Before we parked, we could admire the colorful coat the fall had already given to the hills.

Then, we left the car behind, and set off hiking upstream of the river.

Once we reached the glade in the picture below, we started setting up a campsite.

Between preparing dinner and relaxing by the neat river nearby, the sun started to set.

But it wasn't the end of the day; we shared stories by a bonfire and enjoyed the evening.

The sky remained cloudless that night, and the location far from any civilization opened one of the brightest views of the stars I've ever experienced. Such an amazing show!

The next morning was rather cold. The tent was frozen, parts of the river, and so we were.

However, the sun warmed up the air quickly; it was all good.

..and pretty.

Before continuing the journey, we hiked up the ridge above our campsite. Oh, views!

couldn't resist a selfie

Later on, we went to Santa Fe, to enjoy its old and new bits.

Good times!

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