July 26, 2015

Kansas at its Best

When I'm in some urban areas, I have a blast shooting architecture and cityscapes. When I am in the mountains, I am thrilled to capture some beautiful peaks. Now I am in Kansas, which offers cool sunsets. And since my time here is approaching the end, I figured to enjoy them while I'm here. So yeah, another sunset post.

In fact, even google had it listed under a wrong name.

Even google had it listed under a wrong name.

if you want to see interesting scenery in Kansas, lakes are an easy way to go. With that in mind, I tried to visit most of the lakes surrounding the town I currently live in. One of the last ones I haven’t seen yet was the Lyon State Fishing Lake – until I went there earlier this week. The lake has a bit odd name, so it is commonly known as the Lyon County State Lake or the Reading Lake, in accordance to the nearest town.

Before reaching the lake itself, I explored its surroundings...

kansas at its best a (1)


..and it didn't take long until the sky started to unveil the magic of flat horizons:

oh yeah.

Soon I got to the lake. It was one of those nights I wanted to be alone, and the place served this purpose well.

kansas at its best a (7)

kansas at its best a (8)

At the dam's edge, I found this spillway hole:kansas at its best a (9)

It reminded me of the top section of smokestacks I used to climb. I took the photo below about three years ago. Oh, these memories bring a big smile to my face.

This is me around 3 years ago, standing on similar wall, but around 100ft above ground. Oh, remembering these times with a big smile on my face. Once I may write more about that, it was tremendous fun.

Around 100ft above the ground.

So, I couldn't resist getting on top of the spillway, too. I It was also very cool.

In this picture, probably the only scary part is how much dust I have on my camera’s sensor…

After more relaxing time on the lake, I started driving back home...

...when I saw a harvester next to the road. "Another photo opportunity," I thought...

It was dark already and the frame I have visualized could use some external light. Without any speedlight on me, I lighten the scene with my car’s high beams.

A couple of days later, one afternoon was filled with some cool clouds, so I decided to explore some raised spot; somewhere I hadn't been before. I departed once the outside temperature dropped to a survival level, and after I passed an abandoned school…

…and walked through some plains…kansas at its best b (3)

…I found a nice place with distant views.kansas at its best b (5)

kansas at its best b (8)

The sun got quickly behind a heavy cloud, and it didn't look like it would come out anymore. But that didn't ruin my evening; I was walking around, taking pictures of everything and nothing, having a good time.

Suddenly the horizon started turning saturated red, and not too long after that...

kansas at its best b (10)

...the sun came out!

kansas at its best b (11)

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