November 29, 2015

London Walks: The City II

I had a way into the City of London for a meeting and then I planned to visit a gallery. But an unpredicted discovery changed my plans.

I needed to take with me a folder with some paperwork, which I just quickly stacked into my backpack and went for the tube. The meeting was all good, and when I reached for the documents, I found a surprise: apparently I didn’t take out my wide-angle lens from the bag after I’ve returned from my recent trip to Scotland. Right; with this revealed, I’ve just popped the lens on my camera (which; no surprise here, I had a on me) and opted to capture the One Lime Street on a wide-angle instead - something I wanted to do since I walked in the area the first time.

But before I got there, I've enjoyed the busy streets,


..variety of facades...


..and hidden sculptures..

Sculpture and the city

...then I passed by construction sites..

..went by the legendary 30 St Mary Axe...


"Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?"

"Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?"

..and soon I stood under my goal..


..yes, the One Lime Street.


What a building, really.



With this done, I explored some backstreets of the area..


..took a look at the city hall over the Thames ..


...and slowly went back home.

Aldgate Underground Station

Aldgate Underground Station

As for the exhibition, I went to see it just a day later. Oh, joys of life.word press photo exhibition

This post is a part of the London Walks series.

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