May 8, 2015

New locations around Emporia

When I have some spare time, I am trying to explore the surroundings of the town I currently live in as much as I can. Last week, I visited three new spots.

While talking with a friend of mine about locations around Emporia, he asked: “Have you been to Plymouth?” “No, never even heard of that place.” “Would you like to see it?” “Sure,” I said. So, we went. Honestly, besides those who are from there or know someone who is, there is probably nobody who heard about Plymouth in Kansas. Established in 1858, it was a town until they dismissed the post office in 1930 and it is an unincorporated area now. There isn't much to see, but I had a guide with many related stories, so all was good.

Just a couple of houses and one still working wind-powered water pump.

Then we went further northwest to Kahola Lake.

The human-made lake has a nice small dam from 1936.


The lake is in a beautiful and quiet environment; however, it is edged with many humongous houses, and everything enclosed is private land with omnipresent signage that you shouldn’t get anywhere close.

Given that, we continued a bit more into the Flint Hills. After passing this remote barn...

The barn is surrounded with trees quite rare to see here in Kansas.

The barn is surrounded bytrees quite rare to see here in Kansas.

...suddenly we reached a sweet spot with a nice view all around.

It would be a cool place to watch a sunset or maybe a thunderstorm. I may return there once.


A few days later, outside temperatures hit 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and I desired to swim outside. I decided to take a trip to Melvern Lake, another spot I haven’t been to yet.


As soon as arrived, the wind started to blow Kansas fast. Right, but the air temperature was still enough, and so I jumped in. The (not-too-long-ago frozen) water could use some additional heat, though. But, already decided, I began my way on the other side.


there and back again

I was the only person swimming there, but I encountered two boats. Each stopped, and both crews asked if I don’t need help. On my way back, the wind was blowing against me, so I was happy when I got to the shore. Once I did, a stranger asked me, “What was that? Are you training for something?” I took it as a compliment, but I’d probably wait a bit to let the water warm up before taking the next round. Fun stuff.


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