October 20, 2018

Phenomenon V&A

A world-class museum of design recently opened in Dundee, and I took a few pics of it.

Placed in the downtown, right next to the RSS Discovery - over 100 years old steamship, this is the first Victoria and Albert museum located outside London. It is also the first building designed by Kengo Kuma in the UK. That said, it was exciting already during its construction, when the black, bare concrete walls started taking shape:

Pictured during the spring of 2017.

Later, the structure got a new suit, made from more concrete.

Then, a winter came, revealing the beauty of this combination.

Black&white building in a black&white world.

Fast forward, it opened a month ago, giving a chance to admire the details of the building up close:

...the inverted pyramid that extends into the firth...

...but the coolest is the arch with water reflections:

It is a neat place to hang out...

...a neat addition to the waterfront...

..and to the city.

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