December 19, 2016

Prague Stopover

Passing through Prague last week, I enjoyed its Christmassy atmosphere.

My first stop from the airport was a neighbourhood called Zizkov, where I had to run some errands. When I finished, I had a bit of time before my next plan, so I opted to enjoy the city.

The weather was rather gloomy as the sky was painted with a thick colour of industrial grey, so I picked my first destination accordingly. A few blocks from the offices I visited is a freight train station from 1936, disused since 2002. Nowadays, the buildings serve mostly as warehouses, and the rails gradually blend with nature.


Geometrical shapes of weathered walls complemented the freezing weather nicely.

From here, I took a tram to the historic downtown. The hazed greyish sky worked well with the decayed facility; however, it didn't do justice to all the neat structures in the old town.


Nevertheless, as every time I am in Prague, I was surprised by how pretty it is.



Nevermind the cold weather, tourists everywhere.

Never mind the cold weather, tourists everywhere.

The colour situation rapidly improved with the early dusk..


By that time, I was getting towards Old Town Square.


Pictured below, those towers are among the things which make the square famous. The left one is the Old Town Hall, and the two behind are the Church of Our Lady before Týn.


The square is also where the city put a massive Christmas tree and market every year.


Earlier this month, it was labeled as one of the world's best Christmas markets by a CNN Travel article. And the streets around are cool, too:


And that was about it, before I had to move on to the other connection I had scheduled.


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