July 3, 2015

Sunset Meditation

After a hectic week, I needed to get out of the town for a sec. It also felt like it's been some time since I went to capture something simple just for the fun of it, so the last evening I went to the hills to watch the sunset.

Short road trips like these make a great environment to relax. They don't need to be epic, sophisticated journeys. I didn't feel like driving long distances, so I checked a terrain map online, looking for a spot with some elevation prominence as close to the town as I could found. Soon I marked a place which I thought could work, and I left.

This planning where you just stick an arrow somewhere in an unknown area of a map has a side effect of exploring the unfamiliar. The roads might be private or not exist at all. Either way, navigating through can be fun, and a small adventure is guaranteed.


Shortly, I reached a satisfactory location. I pulled over, sat on the roof of my truck, and watched that large saturated red ball on its way towards the horizon.


It was sweet.         DSCF2863

Once the show was over, I headed slowly back to the town.




I took one route that I used earlier last winter, while I went to cover a vehicle fire. Back then, I captured the following shot:


Yesterday’s version looked quite different:


The visibility was excellent, and the town was shining in the distance.


As the dusk fell, people eager for Independence day lightened the rest of my way home with many fireworks.

I felt good and was ready for the next week.

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