June 17, 2016

Tour de Ruins

Central Europe has a great number of historic castles. A lot of them are well preserved, but many others were forgotten and left unused for centuries. Here's a few of the second group that I run into within the last month.

Wheeling over wavy landscapes, the thick stone walls sticking above the tree line couldn't escape my attention. I didn't purposely plan to tour declined castles; it just happened.

Plavecký hrad

Plavecky Castle from the 13th century, located at the Little Carpathians mountain range.

Just 20km (12miles) from the one above, there is Korlatka, another 13th century ruin.

Just 20km (12miles) from the one above is Korlatka, another 13th-century ruin.

 Sirotci Castle.

Drive 90 minutes west and you'll get into the Palava range, where's (among others) the Sirotci Castle. Over 400 years without care and still standing strong.

Helfenburk, from 14th century

Further west, about an hour straight north from Prague, is Helfenburk from the 14th century.

They are just there. Telling the tales of the old days.

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