February 12, 2018

Wroclaw, vol. 2

Second (and the last) collection of photos I took in Wroclaw, while I called it my home. 

My stage there finished, and I went back to Scotland. It was a mix of feelings.

Right when you discover some cool places...

...some more unconventional than others..

...when you establish where are good places to eat, and to have a coffee and a cake...

...where to relax or to have fun...

...and you find some great people to spend time with...

...you pack your suitcase and wave goodbye.

During my stay, I had issues with the local administration, encountered people who got angry just when they heard someone speak a foreign language, and got robbed..

..but I also met friendly and hospitable individuals, ate some fantastic dishes for cheap, visited amazing art collectives, experienced fab concerts, and learned loads of new things.

Overall, I had a blast, Wroclaw, thank you!


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