February 26, 2019

Busy With Life

Collection of pics from the last months with a few words what's up.

An intense task, to combine all my part-time jobs with school. I should have known better... Finishing some assignments at 4am while blasting some 80s punk reminded me the times I lived in a newsroom, where tight deadlines were the daily bread. This then triggered flashbacks on my overseas adventures, which seems to be a pattern over every winter. Meanwhile, trying to figure out plans for the next year, oh, uh.

Every now and then, it was just too much. I needed a break, so I managed to make a few getaways into the local mountains. Some of them were spectacular! One day, hopefully, I will find time to share pics from these. Until then, here's a teaser:

Besides hiking, I am reigniting some of the hobbies of mine that I wasn't overly committed to within the last years: I watched a few movies, for example. The last one was Sully, about the US Airways Flight 1549. I wish there would be more movies like this, and less of the superhero-doomsday nonsense. But I guess that's just me. Another thing I got back to is tightrope walking.

And the best of all, I am getting back to mtb. That's the dream!

Work commitments are usually lacking any interesting visuals, but I get my dose of colors here and there, as I try to put together stuff for an upcoming exhibition.

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Digital stuff can be fun! And frustrating, too - another SD card died on me.

Seriously, it's like 5th within the last 12 months or so. Ridiculous!

What was also frustrating was the amount of spam this web got in the last months. I started with my website around 2010. Since then I created a blacklist of phrases, that blocked 99% of spam. But alas, bots operated by stupid people got more sophisticated, and lately, it was just beyond any sane limits. This led me to remove comments sections from here for good. Sorry for the inconvenience; you are welcome to drop me a line on InstagramFB, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Right, that's it for now. See my previous season collections, such as:


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..and thanks for reading.

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