December 4, 2021

Colorful Calmness

Hiking through vivid fall foliage in the Little Carpathians.

The range proved to have many exciting corners to explore just outside Bratislava's urban settings; thus, I didn't feel rushed to visit more distant features. But one of them came to my mind when the autumn hit and the mixed forest covering the hills started to play with all sorts of warm hues. I thought it would be cool to see it from the birds' view, and there's a place allowing just that: the lookout tower topping the summit of Veľká homoľa. However, as it often is, one proposes, nature disposes. Dense clouds cancelled any far-reaching outlooks on the day of the hike.

Still, it delivered a substantial amount of visual goodness.

Since we couldn't see far, we extended the walk around a ridge nearby...

...where are some nice rocks allowing a closer look.

There are multiple sets of them, and on one, we stopped for a picnic.

Taking a break allowed us to appreciate the other merit the fog secured for us: we had the whole place to ourselves. The woods were quiet, getting ready for the winter tone-down.

As we enjoyed the calm nature of the place, the fog started to go away...

... opening the previously unseen saturated surroundings.

It was only temporary, though. As we began our descent, the clouds returned, casting everything in an atmospheric veil once more.

Once again, trips like this one remind me that regardless of the challenging times, things are all right, after all. Thanks for reading!

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