October 22, 2016

Lighthouse Discovery

The fun won't come to our room – we have to go out for it. So I went for a walk to take a closer look at the lighthouse in Tayport. And as it sometimes is, there was an unexpected bonus.

The lighthouse is located at the northwest tip of the town of Tayport, overlooking the Tay River mouth to the North Sea.


Here's a picture of it at low tides. (Originally published in the "Dundee" story)

There isn't much information available about the structure, besides that it was built around 1820, and it is 24m (80ft) tall. Clearly, it isn't a popular touristy spot; however, that never affected my interest in a place. In fact, I was looking forward to a bit of the unknown.

The lighthouse is about 3.5 miles from the Dundee's downtown, and to get there, one has to cross the river.  When I got on the bridge, the sky was making a good show:


Once I passed it, I took a nice pedestrian path through the countryside..



..and eventually descended to the water where my goal was.

It went according to the expectations, the lighthouse is not accessible to the public, but it is still worthy to walk around.


Things changed when I got on the other side of the property. I noticed two matters that I didn't know. First, that the lighthouse is actually in use..


..and second, even more pleasant surprise to me was a discovery that further east is another lighthouse.


That sighted, I went to check it out.


This lighthouse is older, smaller, and no longer in use. It just sits in someone's backyard.


At this time, the dusk was in full swing; thus I slowly returned on the path back home..


..which was fun as the views on Dundee weren't dull either.


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