February 28, 2018

New Orleans Cityscapes

A photo-collection of NOLA's urban scenery I took during the fall of 2013.

This was the time when I was at the peak of my interest in infrastructure, development and architecture of big cities. The denser the better, I spent hours and hours learning about them, and when I had a chance, visiting them.

Soon I found myself seeking that good vantage points, such as roofs.

You get a great outlook on the busy life all around; yet, you keep a distance from it.

To me, a city was like a playground for a kid. It didn't matter which metropolis, every time I was around structures like these, I felt like at home and I didn't care about the rest.

I also didn't limit myself just on the downtown.

Looking back, it was a bit narrow approach - a city has much more to offer. It was like going on a music festival and attending only one concert. It was fine at the time, it was inspiring and I have great memories on it. But I am glad that I've widen it now.

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