June 27, 2017

Shanghai Greyness

Last week or so has been obscured in smog. While it takes some photo opportunities away, it actually brings some new ones to enjoy. 

I won't be lying - coming from Scotland, it took a while before my lungs got adjusted to this. After some boxes of kleenex, I bought a family package of strong mints and I am fine ever since. And as I try to see things in the better light, instead of bitching about the dark, faded sky, I am making the most of it. This is a collection of landscapes I took over that time.

Generally speaking, anything of analogous color with hard edges will do. As there are many buildings in such palette, let's start with them:

The downtown has it too.

The photo above provides a smooth transition to another subject that is rather appealing in these conditions - stacked intersections. And boy, Shanghai has tons of amazing examples:

Powerlines; yes. Any industrial looks fab.

moving forward. as always.

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