December 7, 2017

Across Quarry

Visiting Kantyna, an abandoned quarry about 40km / 25miles south of Wroclaw, for a tightrope walking session.

The quarry has been disused for years, so locals utilized it as a place to swim, practice rock climbing, have a picnic... or to balance above it on a strap. The last named happened last Sunday, and I had the pleasure to join. Yey!

The weather was nice, so were the new people I met. Above, Kuba sets up the line. He then walked it to the other side.

Once he reached it, the sun disappeared behind snowy clouds. Warm rays were gone, but the quarry stayed dry, which was welcomed. It was time for others to give the line a go.

The line had around 65m / 215ft, which I knew that I won't be capable of handling. The longest one I walked across was some 50m long, and that wasn't with a big hole underneath. Moreover, it was before I broke my knee, so for a long time, I was fighting even with stairs, not to mention a tight rope. Knowing this, I took a shorter line to stretch for myself, so I could also enjoy the fun.

But after everyone from the group tried the highline, I went to experience it anyway. If nothing else, it is exciting only to be on it, as it allows to really feel the empty space. When you rock climb; or say, climb a smokestack, there is always a wall of a stable surface in front of you. Here; however, is nothing but an inch wide, wobbly strap.

So my idea was to only get there, sit on it, swing up and down and maybe try to stand up.

That's me. Thanks Kuba for taking the pic.

But then I turned around with the intention to at least try a step or two, and before I knew I dislocated my shoulder. Again, and again in an inappropriate moment. Heaven's sake, swears resonated the quarry. Slipping the arm where it belongs while suspended mid-air, that was a new experience. And then trying to get myself back on a stable ground while; well, not being Jason Bourne, was a struggle too.

Relaxing my sore state with food and my camera, I walked around and things turned bright again. Literally. The sun made a peek out the cloud layer, flooding the location in golden colors.

Taking pics while others made the most of the highline was relaxing at best, and I returned to do a few rounds on the short line later. The daylight started declining soon, thus we called it a day. A good one.

So aye, stuff happens. But choosing between happiness with an injury and depression while sitting at home; I'd take the first.

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