December 29, 2017

Entertaining Shanghai

It is easy to have fun in big cities, and options in Shanghai are endless.

So; when I didn't explore the city's modern architecture or ancient temples, here's what I was up to:

Rooftop bars in a city like Shanghai, a must-see! this one is in some 250m / 820ft above the ground

Since the living expenses in Shanghai are generally lower than in big cities of Europe or the US, it happens that you can experience a bit of luxury while not having to sell your kidney. This discovered, I made some use of it..

selfie in rather posh place, with some proper view

Once getting enough of the view on Shanghai's cityscapes, you can watch your food being prepared.

yep, this table would do.

Shanghai also surprised me with the arrays of cultural possibilities. There are loads of stellar contemporary art galleries - before you manage to visit them all, the first one will have already a new show on display, thus you can start from the beginning. The best in my eyes was the Power Station of Art, but here are some fragments from other galleries:

heaven in the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Listening-to-Transparency in the Minsheng Art Museum

Deng Yuejun: Somniloquy

"Zhan Wang: Forms in Flux"

Zhan Wang: Forms in Flux

I also like to have some activity in my life. That said, I joined local slackline community for some sessions.

and to move around, I've used the sharing bike scheme. I didn't measure it, but I biked pretty much every day while there.

It's relatively fast, dirt cheap and a tad of adrenaline too, as the local traffic is a mess.

once on a bus, not as productive. The combination of subway and the bikes is the way to do it.

Anyway. That:

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