April 3, 2017

Highlands Road Trip, Day 1

Last month, a friend of mine came to see Scotland, so we spent an extended weekend touring some of the stunning locations around.

Starting on Friday morning, we rented a car and set off towards the west coast. Once we drove past Perth, the countryside curled..

..and soon after passing a few lochs, the mountains appeared.


It is always enjoyable to return to the mountains, and together with great weather and company, the excitement level was running high.

I planned the road via Glencoe as, in my eyes, that's the best way to introduce the Highlands. I remember how I was completely blown away when I went through here for the first time. Back then, I was thinking, "this could only get better if I would be behind a steering wheel." Fast forward, suddenly I was living the dream.

Some roads in Scotland are just pure joy. This is one of them.

In Glencoe, we turned off the main highway to a b-road (the pic atop of this post). It follows the Etive River to a loch of the same name; or, if you are into the 007 movies, it leads to the Skyfall Lodge, the Bond's family home. Anyway, we headed there for a neat, remote area to hike around a bit.

After gaining some elevation and enjoying the surroundings, we returned to the car to hit the road again.

The next stop was the west end of the Caledonian Canal, where we planned to spend the night. The route to get there is lined with plenty of scenic landscapes to admire.

Ballachulish Bridge

Loch Leven

Overlooking the sea loch Linnhe towards the mountains of Ardgour.

Arriving at the hostel, the light was just beautiful. So instead of checking in, we went straight for a walk to see the canal, which is an impressive technical achievement from the early 19th century that connects the Scottish west coast with the east one.

As we approached the canal's section of eight staircase locks, Neptune's Staircase, the place revealed an extraordinary view of the UK's tallest, majestic Ben Nevis.


Not a bad way how to end a day, that's for sure.

The next day we explored two medieval castles and moved towards the famous Isle of Skye.

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