January 24, 2021

Light in the Middle of the Tunnel

Going to the mountains to escape the winter blues.

For weeks, a blanket of thick clouds further reduced the already weak sunshine of the short days; as if the weather tried to echo the dismal mood of people tired by the current global situation. If the ground had snow to reflect the available light, the world would be a tad brighter — but instead, the recent meltdown fused cities in the cold darkness.

There is, however, a coping mechanism that never fails to add cheerfulness to the mix: get outside. There isn't anyone or anything to be bothered with; instead, the neat and healthy environment works wonders. And sometimes, it brings sunshine too! Like the other day, during a hike to the Giant Mountains' ridge called Kozí hřbety.

The hike started in similar greyscale hues as the cities are full of. But the uneven silhouettes of trees break the fog differently from the sharp lines of modern developments; the change was refreshing. The rising altitude brought back some snow and added a fair ice layer.

Such combination provided an exotic flair to the rolling landscapes around, as well as it made for adventurous progress. Slackline practice paid off, and I managed without falling.

Near the ridge's edge, the grey sky had a few blue holes.

This hinted extensive views at the top; a vision that didn't take long to materialize.

Hello sunshine my old friend,
It's nice to see you once again...

A temperature inversion trapped clouds and smog in the lowland, and so the mountains allowed literally to climb out of the gloom into a peaceful colourfulness.

The sun started to set, instructing to begin the descent.

The downward trail was on the south side, and it didn't have any of the north slope's ice. No drama was happening; one could go that way and fully enjoy the scenery.

When I wasn't contemplating the value of natural resources, I imagined how cool this could be on a downhill bike. Even though the trail allows hikers only, daydreaming is fine too.

Then, almost all at once, glades changed to forests, clarity to overcast, and day to night.

All was well. It might take a while until things get bright in the cities, but I brought the elated mood from the top of the ridge with me. And if I lose it, I know where to find it again.

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