January 1, 2023

Top Posts of 2022

Happy New Year! Let's revisit the most popular posts of 2022:

1) The collection of Best Skye's Waterfalls defended its 🥇 from the previous year.Skye

2) No change in 🥈 either; it is Ruins of Scotland again.
Scottish castles

3) The best-performing article written in 2022 and 🥉 overall is Joyful Douarnenez, a post about a charming coastal town in Brittany and its fantastic Mardi Gras festival.

4) Sailing is spectacular, but not for everyone's gut. Here's how I tried it: Windblown
Sailing in Brittany

5) My stay in France's westernmost region had many highlights: Brittany Treasures.
Saint Ronan Locronan Brittany

6) Another flashback from Scotland, this article describes an adventure that made me feel Alone, AliveMTB Scotland

7) An essay on how bikes benefit non-bikers. It turns out, if you live in a city, bikes are the Transportation You Want.
Bike Lanes

8) The 2022 travels brought me numerous factors to be excited about. The infrastructure in the Netherlands was one of them: A Fine Place To Be.
The Hague

9) How I went mountain biking in the Sonoran Desert. It was Hot, Yet So Cool!
Bike Trek in Arizona

10) is a blast from the past! One of the first posts I made on this site made a comeback. It covers my visit to El Dorado.
El Dorado

Thanks for visiting! You can see the most clicked articles from other years; alternatively, browse my Blog Archives for more posts. I wish you all the good things in 2023!

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