December 22, 2018

Let’s Help Each Other

Season's greetings!


A few times per year, I publish a collection of unsorted photos that piled on my hard drive. Like today.


Sometimes, I accompany them pics with a talk about light, places..

...and cultures..

Shalom Neuman's Fusionism

...But this time, I will talk about this website and how can we support each other instead:

Writing this blog is fun. I do it to keep my friends updated about what I am up to and inspire people to make their own adventures. It is independent ad-free, with no limit on the number of articles or other restrictions. But maintaining it requires a few tools - and that's the matter which's been a bit rough this year.

"All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey..." it's that time again. But this year, it is not just the days that are gloomy.

Plenty of my electronics suddenly quit on me (including my laptop, camera, and multiple external storages).

So, I am asking for help. But it isn't for nothing: I can also send you a print of your choice; almost anything from this website is available.

Printed stuff looks grand. You can browse my photographic portfolio, and this blog to find pics by location.

Many of the stories I write here are about places around the world, and travelling tips and tricks. To get around and get the most of the opportunities, I made several maps of points of interest. Now, I you can get it to use as a guide to plan your trip.

Each item is clickable, and opens the tab on the left, where you can see a pic of the location and a link to a story about my trip to the place, or info provided by google, to serve an additional insight that can towards planning your trip.

At the moment, I have the following maps ready:

If there's demand, I can make you a map of cool places of: Beijing, Dublin, Hangzhou, London, Wroclaw and possibly other places. At the moment, access to one of the maps is for $13 / €11.5 / £10 (and you'll need a Google account). Prints depend on size and material. Quality photographic paper sized ANSI-B / A3; for example, is $65 / €57 / £50. Get in touch, I'll be happy to discuss details with you.

And if you appreciate the posts, some of which are over 1000 words long, others are photo collections showcasing wonders of our planet, you can support my efforts through PayPal. Any amount helps to keep this web up and running, and is appreciated.

If you know someone who might want a print or could benefit from the maps, spread the word. Many thanks, J.

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...And enjoy the holiday!

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