January 1, 2022

Top Posts of 2021

Observing the New Year with the most popular posts of the last one:

First, thanks for being here. Every year as I look up the stats to make these lists, it's amazing to see that others find articles I do as worthy of their time. Cheers.

Second, a tech note: I used to include the most-liked pics I posted on Instagram at the end of these editions, but IG dropped support for its embeds on pages like mine, so I inserted them as simple mentions instead. Now, to the list:


Best Skye’s Waterfalls

An overview of the falls I saw on the Isle of Skye. READ MORE


Ruins of Scotland

A collection of (not just) castles' ruins I visited in Scotland. READ MORE


Traveling Through The Winter

A few short stories and photos from the last year's snowy winter. READ MORE


My Day, My Way

Featured Image
The art of making the workday work for me. READ MORE

🥉 3-4 (draw) most liked pic I posted on IG in 2021


Rocky Paths Deliver

Trip to Eastern Sudetes proving that the hard way is often the right way. READ MORE


Slippery Slope

How I tried cross-country skiing. READ MORE


Native Stranger

Experiencing Bratislava through the eyes of a local, an expat, and a biker. READ MORE

🥉 3-4 (draw) most liked post I put on IG in 2021


Exciting Athens

Featured Image
Celebrating the joys of travelling in the cradle of Western civilisation. READ MORE


High Tatras

View from Rysy
A getaway in the highest range of the Carpathian Mountains. READ MORE

🥇 The most liked IG post I uploaded in 2021.



Featured Image
Urban landscape of Slovakia's capital. READ MORE

🥈 The second most liked post on IG of 2021.

There you have them. If you'd like to see my other popular posts, visit the previous top 10s. I hope that your 2022 will be great!

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