January 1, 2017

Top posts of 2016

Here are the top 10 most visited posts of 2016.

Telling visual stories or just sharing photo sets has gone well over the last year, as I published 52 posts – averaging one per week. The most popular were:


Oresnik Highline
Highline meeting

The three most visited posts have a slackline (tightrope walking) theme. The first is about a winter meeting in the Jizera Mountains. (Read more)


Italian Getaway

I was about to attend a slackline meeting in Milan; however, the day after I booked my flights, I seriously injured my knee. It didn't prevent me from going, though, and while I had to adjust my plan, it was still fantastic. (Read more)


Slacking SundayDSCF5523

How I crossed a 20m (66ft) slackline again after a four-years long break. (Read more)



When I moved to Scotland earlier this year, I made this collection with some photos of my new hometown. (Read more)


Magic ValleyPrague

I planned a small trip to a valley with a waterfall, but it wasn't the only neat thing I found there. (Read More)


Colorado Road TripThe City of London

While recovering the knee, I made a few throwback posts about my journeys across the US, and two of them took the following ranks. The 6th is a trip to many majestic sites across Colorado: Two National parks, four national forests, nine days, budget less than $400, over 1000 miles. Countless great memories.  (Read More)


St Louis Road Trip
Deep forest in Arkansas' Ozark Mountains.

This one is about many adventures I had while exploring mostly the industrial beauty of the Gateway to the West. (Read More)


BudapestGlasgow Riverside Museum

 A report about my summer trip to the Hungarian capital city. (Read More)


Random London IVSunset at El Dorado State Lake, Kansas

A collection of pictures taken across London, a part of the series I did while I used to live there. (Read More)


Sumava, Pt.1Evening at Canary Wharf

Beginning of a trip to the former part of the Iron Curtain's forbidden zone, which is nowadays a national park with the most extensive forest in Central Europe. (Read More)

You are welcome to browse the stories and collections that didn't make the list or revisit the

Top post of 2015

The most popular articles of the previous year. (Read More)

Thanks for reading and have a great 2017! See you soon.

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