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March 11, 2016

World is Good

In photography, it's common to seek beauty and look for interesting perspectives on your subject. I took this approach and applied it to my life in general, and it works great.
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December 10, 2015

Random London III

It's been three months since I started to explore London – which means that it's time for the third collection of unsorted scenes I've captured over the last 30 days. Read more

November 26, 2015

London Walks: Paths

When I was in cities some years ago, I focused on the structural aspects only. I might have taken some nice shots of architecture or skylines, but nothing that would tell a story of everyday’s life -until the last year or so, when I started to enjoy capturing the human element in as well. Many streets have great texture, but it is all that random people commuting /exploring /traveling /visiting.. through what create truly appealing environments. London boasts an abundance of these, here are some:  Read more

October 25, 2015

London Walks: Train Stations

New technologies and cheap labor in Asian countries pushed Europe's heavy industry to the background. Many textile factories, glassworks, mills, power plants, and manufacturers went out of business, and their buildings were either demolished or remodeled. However, one witness of the industrial era is still true to its original purpose: the railroad transportation. While locomotives changed, many stations remained the same. London offers a lot of examples from all ages. Here's a quick run around some of them.
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